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Water Impact Index

Veolia Water recently unveiled the Water Impact Index, the first indicator enabling a comprehensive assessment of the impact of human activity on water resources. It is a tool that can help cities and companies plan long-term projects and better understand sustainable approaches to ensure long-term water supplies and healthy water ecosystems.

Veolia's Water Impact Index

We have also published a company study believed to be the first-ever simultaneous analysis of water and carbon on a major metropolitan area's water cycle.

In states as far flung as Georgia and Nevada, communities are experiencing service inconveniences or stating serious concerns over their long-term water supplies. Other states have halted industrial projects or commercial developments as water resources are strained.

Business and governance as usual will not suffice as competing demands for water escalate. Cities, industries and citizens need data, smart-planning tools, better approaches and more cost-effective best practices to ensure a successful, sustainable future that takes into account our new realities.

This study and the Water Impact Index open a door to benchmarking water and air impacts from different activities throughout the world.

The Water Impact Index has been honored with NAWC's 2010 Management Innovation Award!

"The Water Impact Index... is an intellectually sound way of measuring the impact of water usage, and it should be more widely adopted by the industry. It shows the value that water treatment offers the world." - Global Water Intelligence

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