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Cost-Effective Sustainability

Many companies and organizations pledge to "go green." But it's rare for an entire city to make that pledge and then actively take steps to achieve it. Over the past several years, the City of Gresham, Oregon has set out to fulfill its vision of achieving 100 percent sustainability. Veolia Water North America is proud to play a part in achieving that vision.

In 2005, the Gresham City Council chose Veolia Water as its private partner to help implement a best-in-class operation for the City's wastewater program, a partnership that would draw on Veolia's technical expertise help the city move toward its goals of sustainability.

In the years since the partnership, more than half of the wastewater plant's energy comes from methane that occurs naturally in the wastewater process. The facility is home to the Pacific Northwest's largest solar array. The City is now experimenting with other forms of energy production, including the installation of additional renewable energy systems and generating energy from grease waste.

The other half of energy independence is reducing energy use. Veolia Water has worked closely with the city to reduce the facility's average energy use 20% and is using an asset management program to increase the life of the city's assets and further reduce energy usage.

With the help of Veolia Water, the City of Gresham's efforts towards sustainability have garnered national recognition from various organizations and environmental agencies throughout the country, moving closer to the city's vision of sustainability.