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At Veolia North America, sustainability permeates our business. And putting the principles of sustainable development at the heart of our water management services is one of our top priorities.

Given water's critical role in maintaining the health and wellbeing of our communities, Veolia has a responsibility to provide water distribution and treatment services that take into account resource protection, energy consumption, and reducing our CO2 footprint. Our commitment to sustainable development reaches beyond environmental responsibility, however, and extends into the areas of social and economic responsibility.

We are committed to doing our part to tackle the sustainability challenges that face our communities - in North America and around the globe.

Veolia North America: Developing responses to sustainable development challenges:

Veolia North America is already actively engaged in many of the key components that make up our corporate commitment to sustainable development. We do this everyday in our core business by helping our clients clean and treat wastewater, conserve water by reducing consumption, reduce energy consumption and support environmental education in our communities. There are many examples of these best practices in North America:

  • In Milwaukee, where natural energy costs have skyrocketed, sludge from the wastewater treatment process is digested to create methane used to fire electrical turbines in lieu of natural gas. The remaining sludge is then dewatered and dried to produce an "Exceptional Quality" (EPA) biosolids product called Milorganite.

    Our long-term plans include using biogas from an area landfill to provide enough energy to operate all our wastewater treatment operations. In addition, we are committed to a 10-year research and development effort to improve local and Great Lakes waterways.

  • In Honolulu, Veolia built and operates a water reclamation system at the back end of the city's wastewater treatment facility, which produces two grades of water - the first, an ultra pure water used as process water in a nearby refinery, and the second, reclaimed water used for irrigating city parks and area golf courses.

Our solutions to...

Climate change

Climate change increases pressure on water resources and wastewater treatment systems.

Veolia implements measures to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and develops sources for the production of alternative energy.

Energy optimization:

  • Energy production from renewable sources, such as methane from sludge.
  • Improvements in vehicle fuel consumption through clean vehicles & eco-driving training.

Biodiversity and water resource conservation

Threatened by - among other things - human activities, biodiversity plays a crucial role in preserving the quality of our water.

Veolia demonstrates - on a daily basis - a commitment to optimizing water cycle management, saving this sometimes scarce resource, guaranteeing its quality and addressing its renewal.

Biodiversity protection:

  • Preservation and restoration of natural habitats and ecosystems
  • Management of our sites with respect to existing ecosystems

Access to clean and healthy water

The urban population should double by 2025, resulting in increased pressure on water resources, a higher concentration of domestic and industrial pollution and higher levels of stormwater run-off.

Veolia funds research into emerging water issues on an ongoing basis as a way to advance water research whose impacts will be felt around the world.

Sustainable management of the water cycle:

  • Protection and monitoring of water supplies
  • Continuous improvement of the performance of wastewater treatment services

As new residuals, such as pharmaceuticals, are detected in the earth's waters, it is critical that we understand their presence and pursue cutting-edge processes to remove them. Research we are funding in Milwaukee aims for important improvements in alternative energy and green house gas reduction, as well as water quality improvements in watersheds that will enhance the quality of life for many people. Even in the current global economy, R&D investments must continue to be made.

Stakeholder involvement

The protection of the environment requires raising the awareness of everyone on the impact of their water consumption and conservation efforts.

Veolia works to raise the awareness of water quality and access issues in the communities where we operate through a variety of community education tools.

Community Education:

  • Facility tours of water and wastewater treatment plants
  • The Water Box environmental education

View our Sustainable Development Charter (PDF)

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