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Peer Performance Solutions

Veolia Water's Peer Performance Solutions (PPS) model is a compelling option for cities. The PPS model preserves a public workforce and public governance while infusing private-sector expertise.

Because Veolia puts "skin in the game" with long-term compensation based on actual results, your community's risk is limited and savings are readily identified and captured.

PPS Model Supports & Reinforces Public Utilities

Pittsburgh Water & Sewer Authority (PWSA) uses Veolia's PPS model to improve its public water services.

  • Under Peer Performance Solutions, you retain full control and governance while securing private-sector expertise.
  • Veolia works with employees to support them in improving the utility by providing training and mentoring.
  • With Peer Performance Solutions, public employees can blend their local knowledge and know-how with industry experts from a global team.

"Our selection of Veolia Water is aimed at taking PWSA to the next level of utility service. We are working in a highly collaborative way to make PWSA the regional leader for excellent, cost-effective services, and we'll do so in a manner that ensures a dedicated, public workforce that is always striving toward continual improvements to benefit the customers who rely on us every day." Dan Deasy, PWSA Chair

PPS Model Delivers Measurable Benefits

New York City adapted our PPS model, an example of the way cities can improve operations while saving money in tough economic times.

  • The results generated by Peer Performance Solutions are mesurable. They can be quantified and made transparent to the public through Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).
  • These quantifiable results are issued month after month, giving the client and the public confidence that Veolia can deliver.
  • We work with your team to establish meaningful KPIs from the very beginning.

"One of the key components of DEPs strategic plan is ensuring that we are as cost effective as possible for our customers. We have combined our own expertise with Veolia's knowledge of the industry to find ways to improve our operations and keep rates as low as possible for New Yorkers." Carter Strickland, Commissioner DEP

PPS Model Works Under a Paid-for-Performance Contract

The city of Winnipeg signed a unique 30-year agreement with Veolia Water. The city retains full and final decision-making authority, while our team provides advice and support on capital upgrades, new and emerging technologies, operations and industry best practices.

  • Under the Peer Performance Solutions model, Veolia's compensation is based on our results. This allows for greater sharing of the risks and the benefits with the client.
  • Peer Performance Solutions is low risk for your utility and aligns our performance with the interests of ratepayers.
  • Veolia works with you to establish KPIs that are tied to the delivery of improved results and the potential savings to your utility. The results are measurable, enabling full transparency.

"This is a great deal for Winnipeggers, and I am pleased to have an agreement in place that will ensure Winnipeg has the highest standard of sewer treatment facilities and services with the assistance of a company that will share the financial risk involved to keep immense upgrade projects under budget." Mike Ruta, Acting City Administrative Officer, city of Winnipeg

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