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Water Distribution

Water Distribution

More impressive than the miles of water lines we manage are the results we've achieved in minimizing costs and holding customer rates'in check' by our execution of our maintenance and application technologies. Veolia Water offers a proven management approach to extract the maximum life expectancy of delivery infrastructure while maintaining strict quality standards for taste and odor, pressure, reliability and other benchmark standards.

Taste, Odor and Color

We conduct comprehensive water analyses to identify problems and execute solutions to maintain the quality of treated water standards.

Complete Infrastructure Maintenance

We provide preventive and predictive maintenance programs to reduce corrective maintenance tasks, ensuring maximum system uptime and minimal service disruptions. We employ state-of-the-art approaches to sewer line rehabilitation (including trenchless technologies such as pipe bursting, cast-in-place pipe, slip lining, and cleaning and lining existing pipes), as well as life-cycle management approaches to related assets.

Capital Management Programs

We offer asset rehabilitation and replacement and full DBO capabilities for system expansions that can include treatment plants, pump stations, hydrants, meters, tanks, reservoirs, wells, waterway maintenance, etc.

Operations Management Services

We establish 24/7 operations center management and service delivery that links treatment facility and collection systems operations with customers and other contractually guaranteed services to meet your requirements and desired service levels (learn more about our Customer Service).