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Customer Service

At Veolia Water, we understand that everything that "touches" a customer affects customer service - water quality and taste, service reliability, a customer's bill and environmental issues.

Veolia Water understands the interlinked activities required to successfully manage a water utility through properly orchestrated teamwork of operations and technology specialists, customer service managers, quality assurance technicians and financial experts. Our mission is provide quality customer service in a cost-efficient manner without making compromises, which is why we hold a strong record of routinely exceeding customer service standards.

We provide the following services that enable you to serve your customers effectively and efficiently:

Customer Solutions

We establish contact centers with well-trained, responsible staff that manage customer inquiries, account transactions, emergencies and other issues.

Meter Management

We provide services that include meter reading, work order management and inventory, and meter installation histories that leverage the latest technology to ensure efficiency and accuracy.

Bill Creation

We use client-management tools that include client-specific, monthly customer billing driven by each customer's rate and service type.

Cost Application

We employ multiple customer payment solutions that enable efficient processing and accelerate cash flows.


We execute processes - designed based upon your needs and your collection rules - for each installed service type that enable collection effort effectiveness and, if desired, automated lien processing.


We provide standard accounts receivable, financials and customer information reports, generated automatically at your specified times.

Personalized Policy and Procedure Manual

We work with each client to develop, establish and document business processes and work flows, and provide advice on how to increase efficiencies and achieve ISO certification.

Leading-Edge Technologies

We utilize technologies for billing and work management processes support that can include a client/server architecture based on a relational database technology and a Web-based presentation layer, which allows service to be provided using an application service provider (ASP) architecture - only a Web browser is needed.