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Underground Asset Management

Now and in future years, utilities will have to adapt to changing regulatory requirements, limited funding, increased populations, and capital repair/replacement programs resulting from an always aging infrastructure.

To find out more about how asset management can help protect your community's investments, give us a call at 800-522-4774.

Veolia Water's Underground Asset Management program provides a business framework to evaluate and prioritize these capital investments, while also providing a strategy for maintaining a higher level of service and operational planning. These underground assets comprise wastewater collection, water distribution, and stormwater drainage systems. Veolia Water's experts can help your community with:

Asset Inventory

    • Manhole inspection
    • GPS Location Services

Condition Assessment

    • CCTV inspection
    • Manhole inspection
    • Review of historical files

Data Management

    • GIS-based asset management software program
    • Risk/consequence-of-failure assessment

Operations and Maintenance

    • Hydrant Flushing Programs
    • Blockage response
    • Pipe cleaning/jetting programs

Cost Evaluation

Environmental Compliance

    • MS4
    • CMOM
    • NPDES
    • Administrative order resolution

Infiltration and Inflow (I&I)

    • Flow monitoring
    • Smoke testing
    • Dye testing
    • Dye flooding
    • Dye tracing
    • Flow isolations
    • Building inspections
    • Identify illicit sewer connections

Repair and Replacement Program

    • Cure in place point repairs for pipeline failures
    • General contracting
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