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Asset Management

To achieve optimal service and protect your community's investments, Veolia Water has developed an acute focus on asset management. Asset management is a comprehensive business process for managing above-ground and below-ground assets to achieve desired service levels, maximize reliability of assets, and promote best use of resources while lowering costs and mitigating risks.

To find out more about how asset management can help protect your community's investments, give us a call at 800-522-4774.

Veolia Water's experts can help your community with:

  • Lower operating expenses by ensuring the lowest life-cycle and operating costs.
  • Customer service improvements by minimizing back-ups, overflows and main breaks.
  • Environmental compliance, which reduces costly emergency situations and the risk of non-compliance.
  • Asset condition improvements and prolonged asset life.
  • Optimized capital planning, maximizing the value of every dollar spent on maintenance and capital programs.
  • Increased institutional knowledge as assessment and operational information is documented and preserved over time.
  • Compliance with new CMOM requirements.
  • Protection and preservation of the environment through sustainable development approaches.