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Solutions for the water cycle

Delivering Results for Your Community

Veolia is the world's leading water services company, providing expertise and solutions to all types of municipal water customers in both urban and rural settings. Our veteran industry professionals provide short- and long-term solutions, drawing upon years of experience, proprietary technologies, and a depth of knowledge that comes from expansive research and field application.

Our services include everything required to design, build, operate, maintain, upgrade and manage water and wastewater treatment facilities and systems. With a constant focus on adhering to strict water quality standards and compliance measures, Veolia also maintains focus on your water customers. While our work is backed by our history of industry firsts and innovative solutions, it is ultimately our customers' satisfaction by which we measure our work.

Clients utilize a public-private partnership (PPP) relationship with Veolia to achieve goals and benefits such as:

  • Improved water quality and wastewater environmental compliance standards
  • Customer satisfaction gains
  • Rate stability and improvements through life-cycle cost management
  • Process, operational and safety improvements through best practice implementation
  • Transfer of risk and accountability
  • Improved treatment processes, leveraging our experience and proprietary technologies

Our network of experts provides solutions throughout the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Our team also includes Veolia employees active throughout Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.

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