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Are Partnerships Right for Your Community?

Here's a short checklist of items that can be useful in determining whether your community should contemplate a public-private partnership.

      • Yes/No Rates and/or costs continue increasing and are higher than other comparable communities.
      • Yes/No Your community wants to control future expenses related to ongoing operations or related to system/facility expansion
      • Yes/No Your community leaders are interested in performance-based outcomes focused on any or all of the following: Exceptional water quality, environmental compliance, operations metrics, customer service metrics, capital asset management
      • Yes/No Your community is addressing environmental compliance issues
      • Yes/No Your community needs to expand water or wastewater operations to meet growth in your area or needs to enhance existing assets.
      • Yes/No You want to improve safe working conditions for employees.
      • Yes/No Customers are lodging complaints about your water's taste and odor
      • Yes/No Your collection rate needs improvement to generate appropriate levels of revenues.