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Process Upgrade & Optimization

When a compliance issue demands attention and additional resources, Veolia Water North America's clients turn to us to upgrade their facilities' water, wastewater and other utility assets. Our third-party upgrade, operations and maintenance (O&M) options allow Veolia to take on management, overhead costs and labor opportunities and offload the risk and responsibility of water and wastewater treatment to our industrial water experts.

Veolia's Upgrade Solutions offer:

  • Minimized expansion cost by utilizing the best available technologies in upgrading your existing assets
  • Technical solutions to challenges before they impact production or the environment
  • Performance guarantees on O&M and assumption of the risk and responsibility for your upgraded assets
  • Reduced operating expenses by optimizing operating staff, procedures and maintenance plans, as well as by implementing technical solutions
  • Best practices acquired by our worldwide professional network, freeing up your personnel to work on core processes

We provide services at a performance specification that maintains environmental compliance, treatment quality and availability, the highest safety standards and a fixed fee structure. We truly manage your utility facilities and the resources required to maintain performance.

Our Process

Veolia's upgrade solutions process includes due diligence through an initial assessment of your utility assets, in-depth look at any challenges you may be facing and review of your production goals for the new facility or assets.

Veolia's process also includes:

  • Reviewing and assessing facility operations on-site by a dedicated operations & maintenance director
  • Developing a project plan that highlights assets to be upgraded and resulting cost savings and efficiencies for the facility
  • Working with consultants you've contracted, as needed
  • Implementing a process control plan that addresses issues before they impact production or the environment
  • Developing modified work rules combining operations and maintenance responsibilities with performance guarantees
  • Automating operations and processes to improve reliability and reduce labor
  • Utilizing Reliability Centered Maintenance to address failure modes that have the greatest impact on reliability