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Thermal Treatment/Delisting

Veolia Process Solution's BDAT (Best Demonstrated Available Technology) thermal desorption technology consists of a 2-stage process whereby solids are introduced through hollow-flite screws which are directly heated to obtain solids temperatures of ~400 to ~1,000°F. The solids enter the second stage thermal dryer through an airtight conveyance system. The solids are normally processed in an oxygen-starved environment. The treated material exits the system and is cooled in a water-cooled screw conveyor system. The vapors containing the desorbed organics exit the thermal processor and are treated to meet regulatory standards using a vapor recovery system.

BDAT thermal treatment process treats wastes to levels below the USEPA land disposal restriction (LDR) standards and meet RCRA delisting of hazardous waste standards. Delisting a treated waste stream relinquishes a generator from RCRA regulation for that particular waste. Delisting [Diagram]

Benefits of using Veolia's Thermal Treatment processing:

  • Oil returned to the refiner
  • Fewer tons of solids created for disposal
  • Longer term solution
  • Non-hazardous disposal costs

At Veolia, we understand industrial waste streams, process flows, economies of running a facility and how various challenges can impact a wastewater system. Our solutions incorporate industry leading technology, consider environmental impact and identify cost savings. Veolia's clients benefit from our delivery of measured results and guaranteed value.