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Product Recovery

Veolia Water North America's team is made up of the foremost experts on crystallization and byproduct recovery. A deep knowledge of waste streams, manufacturing and refineries' operations, cost structures and the impact on wastewater systems allows us to offer performance guarantees on environmental and existing operations. By designing, building and operating our own facilities, we can provide manufacturers with a cost-effective solution for treating metals and inorganics from industrial wastewater or byproduct streams with the option of recycling and reusing the recovered solids.

Veolia utilizes the HARDTAC, Process, a proprietary method, which promotes larger particles and higher solids concentration in the crystallization process.

The benefits of HARDTAC include:

  • Recycling opportunities and improved environmental compliance
  • Reduced operating expenses through:
  • Better quality yield through larger particle sizes created versus a traditional precipitation processes
  • No capital needed from refinery and limited labor
  • Per gallon or per feed costs as Veolia operates its own facilities for all crystallization and byproduct recovery services
  • Efficiencies created by proprietary technologies
  • Minimized usage of chemical reagents
  • Low contamination of effluent and recovered solids
  • Improved solids handling by creating less waste for disposal
  • Practical solution for manufacturers who make HF to focus on their core businesses versus the wastewater treatment process
  • Experts and best practices from all over the country

Veolia's crystallization capabilities include:

  • HF Alkylation Waste Treatment and By-Product (KOH) Recovery
  • KF Waste Treatment and By-Product (KOH) Recovery
  • NF3 Treatment and By-Product (KOH) Recovery
  • Fluoride Waste Treatment and By-Product (CaF2) Recovery
  • Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4)Treatment and By-Product (CaSO4) Recovery