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Technical Expertise


A leader in the industry, Veolia Water North America can help you and your company achieve wastewater compliance through the development of a comprehensive, site-specific program tailored to your specific goals. Drawing upon extensive industry experience, skilled operations, process control and technical solutions, the team at Veolia Water will help you meet and/or exceed environmental and contractual standards. As a testament to our success, in 2007, Veolia's compliance with the Clean Water Act well exceeded 99 percent. Regulatory restrictions will become even more stringent in the upcoming years as we continue to strive to protect the world's most important natural resource.

A comprehensive program, developed specifically to ensure your company's daily compliance, would include:

  • Site specific HSE program
  • A process control management plan
  • Asset management
  • Automation and controls
  • A skilled and well-trained workforce
  • Technical services support

While the benefits to our clients are numerous, the key values are:

  • Savings obtained from increased efficiency in operations
  • Asset management programs
  • Chemical and utility savings
  • Assurance knowing that State-certified wastewater experts are handling your facility and are responsible for environmental compliance