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Industrial Solutions

At Veolia North America, operating and managing your utility needs is our core expertise. Our industrial engineers combine that expertise with years of operational experience in the water/wastewater, steam and power sectors, allowing clients to focus on their core businesses - whether it's chemical processing or pharmaceutical manufacturing.

We offer the following services for our industrial clients:

Operations & Maintenance Programs - Veolia's operations and maintenance programs utilize industrial water, wastewater and utility experts to solve challenges and improve processes with long-term performance guarantees. We work on-site with your operations staff to understand the core issues affecting operations and develop a plan that we can implement to accomplish your goals.

Upgrade Solutions - Our upgrade solutions add equipment, technology or processes to existing facilities that can result in cost savings, optimizing target performance levels or environmental compliance improvement. Veolia's practical approach to upgrading, operating and maintaining facilities leverages your existing operation's assets, labor and technology with our resources, allowing you to focus on your production output.

Design, Build, Operate & Maintain - When Veolia's experts design, build, operate and maintain your new facility's processes, we also take on the expense of assets, overhead and labor. The operations and maintenance of the plant is included in a long-term service agreement with an extended warranty on assets, lifetime guarantee on the facility and performance guarantees on operations.

Technical Expertise - Our technical expertise starts with process knowledge and technology such as sludge management and crystallization services, where we assume your wastewater byproducts and turn them into reusable products such as KOH for plant operations. Our expertise also spans every aspect of industrial processes including the use of steam, effluent compliance, system optimization needs and proactive risk management. Veolia employs foremost experts on water and wastewater operations including:

  • Process Knowledge & Technology
    (Sludge Management and Crystallization)
  • Hot Water/Steam
  • Compressed Air
  • Cooling Water
  • Compliant Effluent
  • Solids Volume Reduction
  • Production Water
  • System Optimization
  • Risk Management


Since we first provided outsourcing for the water treatment of a major U.S. industrial facility in the 1940s, we've been delivering expertise and results. The technical services provided by our staff of field engineers, O&M specialists and process engineers are second to none.

Today, we serve more than 90 industrial North American clients, with 77 industrial wastewater facilities and 28 industrial water facilities. Globally, we provide solutions to hundreds of more industrial customers. We also team with other Veolia divisions to provide comprehensive approaches that include energy services, waste services and transportation/logistics solutions.