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Veolia North America

200 East Randolph Street
Suite 7900
Chicago, Illinois

Tel: 317.917.3700

College/Internship Opportunities

While you ponder your future, you may also consider the future of our planet and what your talent, passion and ambition can do to ensure its viability. These are excellent reasons to build your career with Veolia North America. With our committed employees, their innovation, and the support of our industry-leading international parent company, we offer the potential for a career with real impact.

We seek college students in all majors who show academic promise, great leadership, an appreciation for teamwork and the ability to embrace positive change. If you have the qualities we seek and a desire to reshape the environment in ways that will last, contact us about a possible internship.

Veolia North America offers something that many other college/internship programs can't: real-world environmental projects with set timelines, accountability and concrete results you can point to with pride, and build upon for the rest of your career.

Your college days may be ending, but your career is just beginning. Be sure to make the most of your vast potential for success with Veolia North America.