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What's the best way to keep clean, plentiful water running throughout the world?

Environmental preservation for future generations requires the sensible use of water resources and a guarantee of the quality of the treated water discharged into the natural environment. As the world's leading water and wastewater company, Veolia works every day to meet these challenges.

Join us and ensure that people have a sustainable water supply. Succeed in areas that will have a lasting impact upon the environment for generations to come. Create new efficiencies that can sustain life on earth, with the vast career resources of a rapidly expanding industry innovator: Veolia North America.

Whether you're working on-site as a water manager, water operator or project manager, or in an office setting as an administrative assistant, finance expert or marketing or accounting professional, you can support our model of Service, Value and Responsibility, and help us make the world a better place to live.

Veolia North America is the continent's leading provider of comprehensive water and wastewater partnership services and resource-recovery services to 550 municipal entities, businesses and manufacturers.

We strive to create positive environments—professional, innovative, performance-oriented and diverse. Imagine what you can achieve with our rapidly expanding organization. Join our team, and we'll give you the freedom to gain exposure to the areas of our company that truly interest you—and achieve the satisfaction of making a significant difference through our commitment to Service, Value and Responsibility.

Explore the world of opportunity that awaits you at Veolia North America.

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