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Veolia Water North America Operating Services, LLC

Welcome to Veolia Water North America Sourcing.

The company's philosophy of supplier management provides the basis for an integrated approach to optimizing supplier contributions to the company's profitability while creating mutually beneficial agreements with those suppliers. We want to ensure our company gains full value from the use of these agreements, which in turn benefits you.

Suppliers include any non‑company personnel providing goods and/or services to our company. Our goal is to acquire quality goods and services when and where needed on a local, regional and national basis across North America.

You may use the supply terms and conditions as referenced on VWNA purchase orders, found on the download section to the right.

Veolia Water North America encourages suppliers to adhere to our sustainable development charter values and make their own contribution to our sustainable development commitments.Our Sustainable Development Charter can also be found under Downloads, to the right.

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