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Our Customers

Veolia Water North America's client base extends the range of both municipal and industrial spectrums. We serve 550 communities and approximately 100 industrial facilities in North America. From big cities like Atlanta, Georgia to smaller communities such as Arvin, California, Veolia Water offers quality services. Likewise, we are proud to serve many Fortune 500 companies.


Our municipal scope of services can include single-facility solutions or the management of comprehensive systems. For instance, at Tampa Bay Water, we have designed, built and now operate a state-of-the-art drinking water treatment facility. And in Baltimore, we operate and maintain a biosolids composting operation that distributes more than 85,000 tons of Class A compost product each year.


We support our customers! Just one example: When Hurricane Katrina devastated the New Orleans wastewater plant, we executed a response plan that drew from our nationwide resources to get the plant operational ahead of schedule.


Our industrial proficiencies include automotive, chemical processing, hydrocarbon processing, microelectronics, mining, pharmaceuticals, energy, and pulp and paper.